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Alaska Pacific Rim Counseling deals with a broad spectrum of problems between people. The most common being forms of family therapy and couple therapy but there are many types of relationships. Our qualified therapists are available for mediation of any situation and counseling for any type of relationship. We are always discreet and are continuously trusted by a myriad of people across Anchorage, AK to help.

Couple receives family therapy in Anchorage, AK

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your counseling needs. We will provide you with a safe and caring environment to help you resolve your situation.


Have you lost that spark? Maybe you don't talk to each other like you used to. Perhaps you have betrayal and trust issues to overcome. Whatever it is, if you are unhappy in your relationship don't just hope things will change and sit around being afraid they never will, make change happen! Contact Alaska Pacific Rim Counseling in Anchorage today. We are here to assist with Communication & Relationship. Premarital Counseling, Marital and Divorce Issues.


Family therapy is for everyone, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and even friends who are considered family members. Even in Anchorage, families are very diverse and at times they are extremely difficult. Sometimes it's necessary to get a professional mediator or therapist in help your family cope with tough times and personality clashes. Alaska Pacific Rim Counseling knows how to help. We use an integrated approach to counseling, including Parenting Skills, Child/Adolescent Issues, Adoption, and  Infertility / Postpartum / PMS.


Relationships in the workplace can be complex; much like in families, you do not choose the personality types you can be grouped with. This is not to say that family therapy applies in full for colleagues, it is a very different approach. Businesses in Anchorage use mediation from the experts at Alaska Pacific Rim Counseling to build understanding within teams and move past obstacles caused by interpersonal relationships. We offer therapy sessions for Workplace Concerns, Mediation / Conflict Resolution and Cross-Cultural Issues, Stress, Performance Evaluation and  Discrimination.

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